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Palliative and Hospice Care

Help the Hospices 

Help the Hospices is the national British charity for the hospice movement, founded in 1984 by Anne, Duchess of Norfolk. The role of the charity is two-fold. First, it supports hospices in their vital work on the frontline of caring for people who face the end of life and caring for those who love them. The support it gives takes many forms - training, education, information, grant-aid, advice and national fundraising events and activities. Secondly, it gives voice to the interests, views and concerns of over 200 local charities who provide the majority of hospice care across the UK. Help the Hospices investigates issues, publishes reports and briefings and advocate the cause of independent voluntary hospice care in Westminster, Whitehall and in the media.
UK forum for Hospice and Palliative Care Worldwide. Help the Hospices established the UK forum for hospice and palliative care worldwide in 2001.

The UK forum is a network of individuals and organisations based in the UK who work together to support efforts to develop hospice and palliative care services around the world in resource-poor settings. Membership is also open to individuals and organisations around the world. The UK forum was established in 2001 and today links over 200 organisations and individuals. It communicates regularly with services worldwide through hospice information's Worldwide Hospice and Palliative Care Online and the Hospice Bulletin.

Hospice Information Service
Hospice Information, a joint venture between St Christopher's Hospice and Help the Hospices, is a UK and international resource on hospice and palliative care. We work closely with the UK forum for which we provide the 'information' remit.

On this site you will find links to palliative web sites and locally developed guidelines for different conditions as well as different e-mail lists concerned with palliative care. For the interested patient or relative there is a special page with links everything of course in English and from an American point of view.

Hospice Education Institute

International Observatory on End of Life Care
International Observatory on End of Life Care. The Observatory has just started and is the work of Professor David Clark in Sheffield, UK. The first information presented is on Central and Eastern Europe. The observatory presents public health and policy data relating to hospice and palliative care services. The information is research-based and about hospice and palliative care provision in the international context. This is complemented by material drawn from the social and cultural analysis of end of life issues, including ethnographic, historical and ethical perspectives.

IAHPC International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care

IAHPC is a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to the development and the improvement of palliative care worldwide. The organization works with existing associations and agencies, as well as individuals, to improve communications and access to resources, as well as to foster opportunities in education and training.

Education for Physicians in End of Life Care

Growth House

ECEPT - Eastern and Central Europe Palliative Task Force

EAPC - European Association for Palliative Care

The European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) was established on 12 December 1988, with 42 founding members and following important initiatives by Professor Vittorio Ventafridda and the Floriani Foundation. The aim of the EAPC is to promote palliative care in Europe and to act as a focus for all of those who work, or have an interest, in the field of palliative care at the scientific, clinical and social levels.
EAPC operates with the following aims:
• Promote the implementation of existing knowledge; train those who at any level are involved with the care of patients and families affected by incurable and advanced disease; and promote study and research.
• Bring together those who study and practise the disciplines involved in the care of patients and families affected by advanced disease (doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and volunteers).
• Promote and sponsor publications or periodicals concerning palliative care.
• Unify national palliative care organizations and establish an international net-work for the exchange of information and expertise.

• Address the ethical problems associated with the care of terminally ill patients

EAPC-East - European Association for Palliative Care Central and Eastern Europe Taskforce
EAPC East is part of the EAPC (European Association for Palliative Care) project to support the development of palliative care in Eastern Europe. As we all know the needs for developing palliative care in Eastern Europe are extensive. Palliative care is unevenly distributed and unevenly developed but there are many devoted and interested people working and doing an impressive job. Contacts with others in the same field, sharing experiences and learning from one another are ways to use this web site. The major aims of this EAPC project is to improve palliative care and coordinate activities in the Eastern European countries, and build a network of people and organisations interested in, as well as working with, palliative care in Eastern Europe.

WHO- World Health Organisation - Europe

Council of Europe

WHO - International on cancer

Sue Ryder Organisation

Palliative Information - Edmonton

Palliative care Toolkit

The International Palliative Care Resource Center

How to Develop a Palliative Care / Service Program

European Commission

 Hilfswerk Austria               

Austrian Development cooperation              

IASP - International Association for the Study of Pain 

The breakthroughpain resource 

• offers balanced and scientifically valid, non-commercial information on the subject of breakthrough pain
• raises awareness of breakthroughpain within the medical society
• distributes knowledge that hopefully will be helpful to medical professionals when assessing and treating breakthrough pain according to their own professional and informed judgement.


Canadian Virtual Hospice   

http://www.hospiz.at/ Сайт Ассоциации австрийских хосписов

http://www.cs.or.at/deutsch/caritas-socialis-portal.html Сайт программы "Каритас" (Австрия)

http://www.cs.or.at/ Сайт социальной программы "Каритас" (Австрия)

http://www.onkologie-graz.at/palliativstation_allgemeines.html Сайт отделения онкологии и паллиативной медицины Университета Граца

www.belhospice.org  Белград, Сербия
www.hospicja.pl  Гданьск, Польша
www.hospicjum.pl Краков, Польша
www.hospicjum.sns.pl  Лодзь, Польша
www.emanuelhospice.org   Орадеа, Румыния

www.asociacehospicu.cz Прага, Чешская Республика

 www.hospice.hu  Венгрия

 www.hospicehaz.hu   Венгрия

Ресурсный центр по вопросам биполярных нарушений

Информационный сайт на английском языке

Bipolar affective disorder affects approximately 3% of people in the United States, and it has been described with consistent accuracy over the centuries, even before Hippocrates. The complexities and subtle variations make it difficult to diagnose at times and even more difficult to predict the course and outcome. The challenge for clinicians is to identify the most appropriate management strategy for a particular patient, a process often complicated by comorbid conditions, such as substance abuse or ADHD, and noncompliance with treatment. To help meet this challenge, Medscape has created the Bipolar Disorder Resource Center.

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