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Свидетельства пациентов с диагнозом рака


On 25.11.2002 I received a phone call from Dr. Rath in person. He told me that he had just got my report that day, and that I was the first patient in the history of medicine whose brain tumour had vanished completely through treatment with Cellular Medicine.

He asked me to recount the story once more. This story always seems like a miracle to me.

So I told him about my slight facial stroke last year, which I suffered due to my son being ill with cancer at the time. My lips and the right side of my face went numb. At the medical examination it was discovered that I had a brain tumour on the left side. I first had to submit to a few MR scans, and then radiation treatment as well. Both caused me a good deal of distress. Everything went out of control: my hair fell out and my left side, even my whole body, changed radically. I also took cortisone, and as a result I had water retention and became bloated, putting on over 20 kg in weight. I wanted to die at that time, I felt so terrible.

After a few MR scans and all the treatments I received, various doctors still kept telling me that things looked bad, and gave me no hope at all. My daughter Ela got information material from you, and persuaded me to at least give it a try.

On 10.4.2002 I started following natural cellular medicine programs. Soon after this, following discussion with my neurologist, I stopped taking cortisone, lost over 20 kg again, and I simply felt great. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me, nothing! In September I had consultations with two different doctors and another MR scan: both confirmed the incomprehensible truth that THE BRAIN TUMOUR HAD VANISHED, THERE IS NO SIGN OF IT!


For me this is a miracle! Within no more than 5 months my brain tumour has completely disappeared, although the doctors told me that there was hardly any hope for me.

I am so inexpressibly grateful to Dr. Rath and his whole research team for this. They gave me back my life.

Yours most sincerely,
Ilona Schmidt